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How does it feel to talk on TEDxQuebec stage? (video 360 °)

24 avril 2017 / Écrit par Denis François Gravel

You can now feel the incredible sensation that TEDx speakers feel when they walk on stage, stand on the red dot and face the crowd.

TEDxQuebec’s team have done what seems to be a world premier*. We filmed a 360 ° immersive video. The camera is ON the speaker. In fact, it is on the shoulders of Denis François Gravel, the president of TEDxQuebec, during the opening of TEDxQuebec 2016 (Canada) – Saturday the 26th of November.

Photo : Video 360 ° Captation - Denis François Gravel on TEDxQuebec stage. Credit : Daniel Levesque, photographe

Captation vidéo 360 ° – Denis François Gravel sur la scène de TEDxQuébec. Crédit : Daniel Lévesque, photographe

While watching this video, you ARE the speaker. You start backstage, you walk on stage and the crowd cheers you. You feel the audience energy. It nourishes you. You become a TEDxQuebec speaker (for a few minutes).

Technical stuff. The immersive 360 ° works on smartphones and on tablets. You can watch the video on your computer, but you won’t have the 360 ° effect.

While you watch this video, move your phone around you, and move it to see the sky and then the floor. Those movements will allow you to explore the surrounding of the stage. Even the light system on top of you or the screen behind.

You don’t need a virtual reality headset to watch the video. But, if you use one, it magnifies the immersive effect.

This technological prowess has been realized by Imersiv360. A wonderful enterprise from Quebec. Thanks to Pierre-Sébastien Gauthier, Mélanie Landry and all the team. You are a leader in your field and it was a privilege to collaborate with you.

Now it’s time for the video. Watch it with the YouTube app. Click on the video above or on this link. Enjoy your experience on the TEDxQuébec stage.

*World premier: We did a lot of research. We found some 360 ° video offering stage view from rock concerts or conferences. But we are the first to realize a video in « first person » mode. The camera is not on stage focusing on the speaker. The camera is ON the speaker and looking around him. If you found a video like ours that have been shot before November 26, 2016, send us a note.

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